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What To Consider When Buying A Glamping Tent For The First Time

Mar. 07, 2023

When it comes to outdoor events and space management, we need to consider many things for a safe and sound experience. The human, with every passing day, are developing more interest in outdoor planning, leading to an increase in gadgets and equipment for outdoor activities and decoration; one such gadget is solar outdoor cameras. They are an energy-efficient way to monitor your security in whatever place you want.

Talking about outdoor activities, camping is the first thing that comes to one's mind. As mentioned earlier, evolution brought in many new items for outdoor fun; it also brought new camping tents known as glamping tents. You will learn more about these in the article below;

Types of Tents

While trying to find glamping tents for sale, you may discover there are various alternatives, including glamping teepees, bell tents, and safari tents, which is the class our Eco Tents pleasant healthy.

Glamping teepees and bell tents are famous for using call; however, they arrive with some disadvantages. As compared to safari tents, glamping teepees and bell tents are an awful lot much less strong and not nearly as strong in their production. They may be extra of a transient answer than a long time structure and typically contain no home windows for guests to appreciate their environment from the privacy of their tent. Bell tents additionally depend on a center pole to preserve the tent upright, significantly reducing the usage of the space below. Meaning you may not now be capable of configuring the tent to maximize the usage of the area. Possibly their largest flaw is their top. Simplest the largest bell tents provide the wanted peak so that you can walk around internal of them.

On the other hand, safari tents, together with our Eco Tents, are very strong and are normally lots larger and taller than glamping teepees and bell tents. That is due to the fact they don't should conform to a round layout. They're constructed extra like a building, featuring a robust aluminum frame attached to a solid foundation (base). For that reason, safari tents are a better lengthy-term preference for glamping corporations due to the sturdiness offered by means of the development, along with their capacity to cater to large visitor numbers.

glamping tent for resort

The Business Area of Interest

When deciding on the right type of tent for your glamping enterprise, you ought to also bear in mind your business niche. For instance, if you're opting for a safari enjoy inside the outback, it makes sense to invest in safari tents over glamping teepees and bell tents. But, if your area of interest is to offer hens party reports or something extra chic, which includes a bell tent may be more appealing to your visitors – you just need to weigh up the professionals and cons noted above.

Size of Tents & Configuration

Critical attention while shopping for glamping tens is length. The scale of the tent will notably affect the sort of guests you can appeal to, how they may be configured, and of course, your funding. The bigger the tent, the higher your investment.

Glamping tents come in all shapes and sizes, as mentioned when searching for tents. But, in phrases of size variations and alternatives, safari tents provide the most flexibility.

Normally the ranges of sizes offered are:

5m x 4.5m

5m x 5.5m

5m x 6.5m

5m x 7.5m

Those varying sizes allow business proprietors, which include yourself, the ability to offer varied pricing systems primarily based on tent length.

Huge safari tents such as our 3.5m x 6.5m and 3.5m x 7.5m tents, with no trouble, sleep three guests or even greater if bunk beds are added. Furthermore, they're so massive that there's even room to feature a sofa front room, sitting chair, bedside tables, and a tv – it's those added capabilities that flip a tent right into a glamping tent and camping into glamping!

canvas safari tent

Tent Material

The cloth and fabric used in the manufacturing of glamping tents are critical concerns whilst shopping for tents on your own business. They'll play a huge role in the longevity of the tents and, therefore, your business. You need to put money into quality tents that remain the take a look at of time and require the least quantity of upkeep – tents which might be made from the highest quality fabrics to make certain balance and all-weather protection.

Accurate best glamping tents are all fabricated from heavy-obligation cotton canvas and water-resistant percent fabric.

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