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Privacy Policy

Version update time: April 30, 2020

Version effective time: May 07, 2020

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this privacy policy or personal information protection, you can contact us in the following ways. Under normal circumstances, we will reply to you within 7 working days.

Email: marketing@tentsxpert.com

Customer Service Hotline: 86-135-4084-3509

Dear customer, your personal privacy right is totally respected and protected by TENTSXPEPT (hereinafter referred to as the company). In order to help you understand how our company collects, applies and protects the personal information you provide, please read the Privacy Statement on our website. This document will tell you the records, information, usage methods, and our privacy statement that our company collects on its platforms.

The Data We Collect

We collect personal data from users based on different services. When you participate in online activities or online surveys, the company will ask you to provide relevant personal information. Including but not limited to the following types:

1. Inquiry form: When you fill out a contact form with our company, we will collect and retain your personal data due to contact you more conveniently.

2. Online activities and online surveys: The information you provide through online activities or online surveys on this website. The name, phone, e-mail, website, and company provided by you will be used to reply to your leaving message conveniently. It is not used for other purposes. Other information is only for commercial and market analysis or academic purposes; unless the interviewees agree, all information is only for the company's data analysis, the company will not use the information for other purposes, nor will it release individual Any information.

After you submit the form successfully on this website, the information you enter is only for the use of this website as a reference for service or event design. All data generated without your active submit, such as the user's machine's IP address, time of use, browser used, browsing and click history, etc., this website only analyzes the total behavior of all users and does not Individual users are analyzed.

Use of Cookies

Based on the demand of the internal management of the website and providing the best personalized service, this website will write cookies in your browser, and read and record the visitor's IP address, online time and the number of times of information viewing. Total analysis of website traffic and online behavior surveys. This cookie does not contain information that is sufficient to identify you personally, but instead records information such as your personalized settings on this website.

This information is only used for statistical analysis and does not involve your personal identity information. It is used to improve our products, services, website content, systems, and advertisements.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, please use your browser settings to exclude them; however, you may not be able to enjoy some of the services provided by this website.

Sharing Data With Third Parties

The company will not provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal data to third parties and other units, and we strictly prohibit internal personnel from using these personal data without authorization, but it is not limited to those with other legal basis or contractual obligations; including but not limited to: compliance with applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures, or government executive orders.

Embedded Content From Third-party Websites

Articles on this website may be embedded with content such as videos, pictures, articles, etc., and the privacy of embedded content from third-party websites is exactly the same as the rules when users visit these websites.

Amendment and Consultation of Privacy Statement

This website's privacy protection policy will be amended at any time as needed, and the revised terms will be posted on the website. If you have any questions about your privacy on our website, please contact our service mailbox.

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