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Glamping Domes

We have four luxury glamping dome tents for sale in different styles, solar-powered dome tent, PVC dome, glass igloo tent as well and modular dome tent, these domes are perfect for creating unique glamping accommodations or your own dome house. We offer a range of glamping dome sizes, from dia.6m to dia.10m, to suit your glamping vision, whether it's accommodation units or communal spaces. Generally, dome tents with a diameter of 6m-8m are the most popular.

Solar-powered Dome Tent

Dia. 6m - 8m | 28sqm - 50.27 sqm | For 2-4 people

The solar power glamping dome is our latest innovative glamping unit, powered by solar energy. Its solar panels and photovoltaic glass roof capture sunlight for electricity. With a smart home system and wastewater treatment, it offers a convenient and comfortable glamping life. This 6-meter diameter, 28-square-meter dome tent boasts luxurious interiors, perfect for two people.

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Glass Glamping Dome

Glass Dome

Dia. 6m - 10m | 28sqm - 78.5 sqm | For 2-6 people

The stylish glass dome features a clear see-through glass roof that creates an unparalleled connection to the outdoors and offers excellent thermal, sound insulation, and wind resistance. The innovative dome structure also offers 360-degree views, perfect for stargazing, bird watching or just soaking up the beauty of nature, giving you an unforgettable experience.

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Glass Glamping Dome

Connected Glass Dome

Dia.6m + Dia.3m | 35 sqm | For 2 persons

The connected glass dome tent is our unique dome unit, an innovative design that allows a spacious bedroom (dia.6m) to be seamlessly connected to a private bathroom (dia.3m) for a total living area of 35 square meters. The spacious living area offers plenty of room for additional furniture so you can personalize your glamping experience. The roof cover is also transparent windows, offering wide views of the night sky and surrounding landscape.

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Connected Glass Glamping Dome

PVC Dome

Dia. 6m -10m | 28 sqm-78.5 sqm | For 2-6 persons

The PVC glamping dome is the common dome accommodation! Our glamping dome boasts unmatched style customization. Choose from a fully transparent roof for complete celestial immersion, a translucent option for a softer glow, or a partially transparent design for balanced stargazing and privacy.  The windows can be crafted from either classic glass or crystal-clear PVC to perfectly match your aesthetic preferences.  Furthermore, the aluminum frame is both lightweight and easy to transport, while remaining rust-resistant and incredibly durable for long-lasting enjoyment.

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PVC Dome with glass window

No matter which style of glamping geodesic dome tent you choose, we offer customization options. You can personalize it with aspects such as size, roof covering color, and interior decorations, ensuring you find the custom dome tent that perfectly matches your dream glamping experience.

Made from high-quality materials (PVDF, tempered glass, and high-strength aluminum alloy), these glamping domes are waterproof, flame-retardant, and insulated to withstand all weather conditions. These materials are also durable, with a service life of over 10 years, allowing you to live in the long term. Additionally, these dome units are easy to assemble and can be completed by just two people in a few hours, making it easy to achieve a glamping experience even in remote areas.

Glamping Dome Price

The price of a dome unit depends on the style you choose.

PVC Domes: These domes offer an affordable option, typically around $2,000 (just the frame + roof covering). PVC is a cost-effective material, making it a good choice for basic glamping structures.

Glass Domes: Featuring high-quality materials and intricate craftsmanship, they often start at upwards of $10,000. But it can also provide you with unparalleled luxury and feeling.

Other factors will also affect the final price, such as the size of the dome, level of customization, and any desired furnishings or features.

Do Glamping Domes Include Furniture?

No, furniture is not included in the base price of our glamping domes. The price typically covers the frame and roof. However, we are happy to help you source furniture that perfectly matches your chosen dome and desired aesthetic. You would be responsible for the additional cost of the furniture.

Do Glamping Domes Have Bathrooms?

The interior layout of the dome tent is flexible, and you can equip yourself with a suite equipped with a wash basin, toilet, and shower.

Do Glamping Domes Have Air Conditioning?

If you want to live in the dome tent all year round. We recommend installing an air conditioner capable of both cooling and heating. You can also use a stove instead of the air conditioner if you plan to stay somewhere cold, and if you're in a tropical region, a fan is also an option.

Flexible Installation Options to Suit Your Needs

We offer two convenient options:

Expert Installation: Our experienced team of installers can travel to your location and handle the entire setup process efficiently. This ensures a professional and stress-free experience, allowing you to relax and start enjoying your glamping dome sooner. (Labor fees apply)

DIY Installation with Guidance: For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, we offer a comprehensive pre-recorded video guide detailing the entire dome erection process. This cost-effective option provides clear instructions for you or someone you hire locally to assemble your dome with ease.

Whichever option you choose, we are here to support you!  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have during the installation process.

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