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Glamping Domes for Sale

We have a variety of glamping domes for sale to help you create your dream glamping site or personal dome house. From the appearance, style, and size of the dome to the interior decoration, a wealth of options allows you to find your ideal.

Modern and gorgeous, our luxury glamping dome blends seamlessly into the landscape. It can appear anywhere. Glamping hotels, campgrounds, seaside resorts, camping suites that can be used as living quarters, tiny homes, eco-tourism destination camping suites, fishing and hunting seasonal huts, and base camps.

Glass Dome

Dia. 6m - 10m | 28sqm - 78.5 sqm | For 2-6 people

Best stargazing tent. This sky-view glass tent is completely covered in tempered glass with a transparent clear roof. It has a 360-degree panoramic view. You can stargazing, bird watching, cloud spotting, and watching rain.

Our modern dome structures are insulated from heat, cold, and sun, creating a comfortable living for our guests.

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Glass Glamping Dome

Glass Glamping Dome

Connected Glass Dome

Dia.6m + Dia.3m | 35 sqm | For 2 persons

Unique glamping dome tent. The large part is a bedroom and the small part is a bathroom. The bedroom is connected to the bathroom and has plenty of living space with plenty of room for additional furniture.

Each dome comes with a private bathroom and panoramic views, giving you a vast view of the Milky Way.

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Connected Glass Glamping Dome

PVC Dome

Dia. 6m -10m | 28 sqm-78.5 sqm | For 2-6 persons

The most common glamping dome is also an excellent stargazing tent and is the best option for those on a budget. More style possibilities, the roof can be fully transparent, translucent, or partially transparent, and the windows can be glass windows and PVC clear windows.

The aluminum frame is lightweight, easy to transfer, anti-rust, and very durable.

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PVC Dome with glass window

PVC Dome with pvc window

Why Our Glamping Domes Are Great?

Various options and customizable. Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, or create a custom dome for your glamping site or private glamping house.

Can living in permanently. The materials used to make the glamping dome are durable and have a service life of 10 years. If properly maintained, it can even last 20 years.

Weather resistant all year round. The sturdy spherical frame and excellent roofing cover are strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

Interior customization. It's not just a place to sleep, it can also be a yoga studio, greenhouse, lounge, and more.

Comfortable living experience. When designing and making domes, give full consideration to the ventilation, heat insulation, indoor vision, etc.

Easy to Install. It can be built by 2 people in a few hours. No crane is required, just scaffolding. Can be constructed in remote areas.

Domes Materials

High-strength aluminum alloy. Hard, strong, and rust-proof. Used to make glamping geodesic dome frames, stable and durable.

PVC. Stable, weather-resistant, flame-retardant, aging-resistant, and waterproof. Used to the dome cover roofs or windows.

Insulation Cotton. Efficient thermal insulation, lightweight, fire-resistant, and soundproof. Used in conjunction with PVC.

Tempered Glass. Heat insulation, sound insulation, wind resistance, good transparency. Used to make the dome cover roofs or windows.

Dome Sizes

Available in different sizes, our domes come in six different sizes ranging from 5m diameter to 10m diameter. Of course, it can also be customized according to your needs. The larger the diameter, the larger the indoor space and the more flexible. Can be used as a public space for your luxury glamping, for example, reception, self-service restaurant, etc.

How Much Do Our Glamping Domes Cost?

It depends on the material used in the glamping dome. The raw material PVC is cheap, so the price of a PVC dome tent is generally around US$2,000 (just the frame + roof). If it is a Glass Dome, the price will be much higher, usually more than US$10,000. The factor is related to t the glass and the complexity of the workmanship.

Do The Glamping Dome for Sale Include Furniture?

No, furniture is an additional cost, the price shown above is including the frame and roof only. But if you need furniture, we can also purchase it for you, and you pay the furniture cost for us.

Do Glamping Domes Have Bathrooms?

The interior of the glamping dome can be customized according to your ideas. You can equip a private bathroom with a wash basin, toilet, and shower to meet your daily washing needs.

Does The Glamping Dome Have Air Conditioning?

If you want to live in it year-round. We recommend that you install an air conditioner that can both cool and heat. You can also use a stove instead of the air conditioner if you're planning to stay somewhere that's cold, and if you're in a tropical location, a fan is also an option.

How To Build Up The Glamping Domes?

Two solutions.

The first is that our installers go to your location to install it, which requires a labor fee.

The second is that we will pre-record the dome tent erection video and send it to you, and you can find someone at your location to install it.

Is It Worth Choosing Glamping Domes?

One of the best options for glamping tents.

Glamping Dome is a wonderful accommodation house that you can feel comfortable and safe in and of high quality. Spacious living space, modern interior decoration, and panoramic viewing allow you to see the beautiful scenery of nature while lying on the soft bed. Compared to camping tents.

The all-weather resistance of the dome can also allow you to avoid the intrusion of wind and snow and live with a relaxed mind. You can live in it during four seasons, it can resist cold -30 degrees Celsius and trap the heat during the winter, and heat insulated from the outside in summer.

About TENTSXPERT – Glamping Tent Manufacturer

We are a professional glamping tent manufacturer and we can custom glamping tents for customers. We have many glamping projects globally and our goal is committed to enhancing our glamping tent business in the world. And if you are interested in becoming a dealer of our tents in your country, we will be very welcome.

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