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FAQs About Glamping Tent Cost, Characteristics, Design & Materials

Tent Price

How much does your luxury tent price?

We divide the price of the glamping tent into five grades according to the positioning of the glamping business:

Cheap $500-$1000

Economy $1400-$3200

Medium $3200-$7000

Luxury $7000-$11000

Ultra-luxury $11000 up

Of course, this is only a rough price range. The final price depends on your glamping business and the glamping tent you need. The price of each tent is calculated based on the structure, the ease of production, and the labor cost. Your customization needs for some options of the glamping tent will also affect the price. Prices exclude freight, wooden platforms, layout, electrical, plumbing, interiors, fixtures, appliances, setup, duties and related costs.

Tent Characteristics

How are your tents insulated in winter and dissipated in summer?

The sidewalls and roof of each tent contain a special highly-insulated material to ensure that the heat inside the tent is not quickly dissipated. If you're in an extremely cold area, it's a better idea to have a stove in the tent. In summer, four or six ventilated window screens keep air flowing inside and outside the tent, reducing the temperature inside the tent. Ceiling fans or floor fans are also good cooling tools.

Are your tents waterproof?

The waterproof tarpaulin is all practically tested. Even if there are tiny holes in the canvas, it will take a few days for the water to penetrate.

Can the tents build in snow area?

Yes. The snow load is 35 kg/sqm we design.  And if you are going to be putting tents in a high snowfall area, consult with us so we can discuss how much snow you are talking about so we can decide if you need to make any customizations. These include increasing the pitched on the roof, a special modification of the roof design, or using a larger diameter frame.

Are these tents fireproof?

Our tent canvas and outer roof layers can be treated with fire retardancy and are flame retardant to DIN 4102 B1 M2 (Germany). This will help to delay the flame, however, it is imperative to remember that all fabrics will become flammable after being exposed to a flame after a period of time. Safety and prevention are key. It is best to ensure that one has good quality fire extinguishers at all strategic points.

Are your tents considered “Temporary Structures”?

Yes. Our tents are temporary structures as they can be taken down and set back up again. This is a great option for your glamping business when you only have land lease rights for a few years. You can also easily dismantle your campsites when they will be damaged by extreme weather. When everything is calm, you can also reassemble and open.

Tent Design

How big are your luxury tent?

Generally, our tents range from 24 sqm (258.33 sqft) to 246 sqm (2647.92 sqft). Different tents correspond to different scenes. Larger glamping tents are generally used for restaurants, meeting halls, reception halls, etc. Smaller tents are generally used as accommodation. We can also custom glamping tent as large as you need.

Can you customize tents?

Yes. Tell us what you think or provide us with a drawing of your tent, related parameters, and other information. One thing you must know: if you just want to customize one tent, the price of the tent will be more expensive because the price includes the cost of the sample.

Does the glamping tent need to be built on a platform?

Yes, you are better to do this. Wooden platforms are most commonly used. Concrete platforms or flat grounds are also allowed. The tents must be secured to a solid base.

Generally, the platform size should be extended out 1m/3ft from all sides of the tent. This allows for enough room to set up the tent as well as for tent maintenance in the future. Be sure to allow enough crawl space underneath the deck to run and maintain utilities.

Do you supply the platform?

Yes, but The cost of the platform is calculated separately from the tent.

Tent Materials

What are frame materials for your tent?

The main framework is made of hard extruded aluminum alloy with hardness 15-17HW. The material is corrosion resistance, high reliability, moisture-proof, secured structure and long-span life usage. And we also offer galvanized steel tube for our safari tents. If your glamping hotel is in a special natural environment, we will provide other framework materials that are more suitable for these natural environments.

What are the specs on the tarpaulin?

PVC knife coated tarpaulin. Our standard PVC tarpaulin has waterproof, UV resistant, anti-mildew, anti-tear, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-mosquito, high climate resistance, and fire-retardant properties.

Building The Tent

How long does it take to set up a tent?

The design and structure of different styles of tents are also different, so the setup time is also different. Let's take a hexagonal lodge tent with 3-meter side length as an example. For people with experience, it usually takes 2-4 days, and for people with zero experience, it takes 4-6 days.

Will you help me build the tent?

Yes, we will.

If you need us to help you on-site, our team will send at least two persons to participate. But this requires you to pay the corresponding fees. You are responsible for all round trip airfares, visas, meals, accommodation, wi-fi, transport to/from airport/hotel/job site. And you will be responsible for one or more translators to be made available if so required.

Another way is remote setup assistance.  It`s free. Phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and videos are excellent sources of communication during setup. At any time the customer can contact us with any questions. We will walk you through any questions.

Other Questions You May Have

Do you sell used tents?

No, we do not sell used tents.

Do you keep stock of your tents?

We typically do not keep tents in stock.

Do you have a show room?

We have established a tent show room with various types of tents we produce. You are always welcome to visit here.

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