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Profession R & D design team

Profession on-site construction assistance

Comprehensive after sales support & service





Structural technology R & D team

R & D structural engineer team with many years of technical experience in patented technology and glamping tent structure. Also keeps creative design on the tent, which can provide the most suitable structural scheme for customers' various inspiration needs. Keep up with the international market popularity, to provide customers with more innovative options.

Sichuan Art Institution

The design of glamping tent is headed by professors of the Sichuan academy of the fine arts group, which including a  number of top professional glamping designers. Not only for the glamping tent hotel to bring new stylish ideas, but also solutions you to customize any kind of exceptional design & campsite planning.

Engineering construction team

Our in-duty network specialist with more than 5  years of technical experience will fully understand your demand & design in detail. And will answer your relative query on the professional role at once.

After-service maintenance

Provide after-service maintenance, on-site construction assistance, connection parts replacement, inventory replenishment, and other services. If you have any trouble during the after-sales use, we will everlastingly provide you with technical support.

How we service

Understand the project demand-in detail

Sale executives with more than  5 years of experience will fully catch up with your project requirements.

Design & plan layout and 3D display

Our design engineer will output map layout and released  3D display plan to you for reference and approval.

Released quotation and project get finalized

We will send the related quotation to you for approval after 3D display gets approved. PO & PI signature. Payment in deposit before production.

Bulk production plan, trial Installation

Plan the detailed schedule rationally. Speedy working days will output one set advance sample to trail installation as regularly.

Worldwide shipment & on-site construction assistance

Reliable logistic partners. 24 hours of standby shipment arrangement. In case, our installation instructor will go to world-wide for set-up assistance on-site at your charge.

Instant response after-service

We will provide solution with technical support on a full-time line of 24 hours standby.

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