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Stargazing Tent

We create unique stargazing tents with large clear roof that provides a 360-degree panoramic view, not only of the sky scenery but also of the ground scenery. In addition to stargazing, you can also watch rain, clouds, and birds.

Our stargazer tents for sale are heavy-duty platform tents, especially suitable for you who plan to stay somewhere for a long time. They are sturdy, waterproof, wind and snow-resistant, and can adapt to all weather conditions. These modern tents are beautiful and blend perfectly into nature. When you choose one of these luxurious stargazer tents, you'll experience the four seasons of those wonderful natural landscapes.

Discover the best glamping tents for stargazing, designed to give you a welcoming environment where you can feel completely relaxed and comfortable while stargazing. We sell spacious 6-meter diameter glass roof cover dome tents and PVC fabric roof cover dome tents, as well as connected glass dome tents, and can also customize other sizes for you.

Glass Roof Cover

Dia. 6m - 10m | 28sqm - 78.5 sqm | For 2-6 people

Covered by fully transparent glass, it is beautiful and elegant, and the blue appearance also makes people relax and brings a comfortable feeling. The surface of the glass is coated with a metal film, which not only protects indoor privacy but also allows you to see the outdoors clearly without interference.

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Connected Glass Roof Cover

Dia.6m + Dia.3m | 35 sqm | For 2 persons

The wonderful combination of dome tents allows you to move more freely in the tent. The smaller dome can be decorated as a bathroom, and a bathtub can be added so that you can enjoy the clouds and birds in the sky while taking a bath. If you are near the Arctic, you can also see the Aurora. Of course, it can also be decorated as a leisure room to chat with your lover under the night sky.

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Transparent PVC Roof Cover

Dia. 6m -10m | 28 sqm-78.5 sqm | For 2-6 persons

One of the most versatile stargazing tents. It can be with a fully see-through roof, semi-transparent coverage roof, one-third transparent coverage roof, or only transparent in a small area directly above the dome, used as a stargazing window. It can also be combined with a glass dome tent to create a unique accommodation.

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PVC roof cover stargazing tent 03

Stargazing Anywhere

Our best stargazing tents can help you better explore nature outdoors. The materials used in tents are all reliable, which is a guarantee that you can still live comfortably in various climate conditions. They can appear anywhere from the cold Arctic regions to the warm and humid tropics.

Who Are These Stargazing Tents Suitable For?

People who stay in one place for at least half a year. If you plan to study the daily changes in the aurora in the Arctic Circle or observe the life patterns of migratory birds at the lake, then these tents are for you, they are a perfect observation shelter. A better idea is that you can create a glamping ground in a location where auroras are often seen and host visitors.

How Long Does A Stargazing Tent Last?

10 years and up, if properly maintained. The materials we use are durable, the aluminum frame has a service life of 15-20 years, and the roof covering is tempered glass or PVC, both of which can be used for 8-10 years.

Is It Easy To Assemble A Stargazing Tent?

Yes. It only takes 2 to 4 people to set up in 2-3 days, and with the decoration of the interior, you can create comfortable accommodation in a week.

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