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The glamping domes for sale are probably the most versatile captivating structure. Owing geodesic dome tent for glamping to create a new style of living when outdoors. They offer a fabulous alternative experience for an unforgettable holiday close to nature. Round up your family for a unique glamping experience inside a glamping dome. Equipped with a bathroom, comfortable beds, and a transparent view and enjoy the family glamping getaway at a reduced cost.

Product Description

Glamping domes for sale are both elegant and extremely durable and easy to assemble and can be installed quickly. Best of all, these semi-permanent structures normally do not require building permits and can be placed almost anywhere!  You can enjoy the fun of self-contained glamorous camping during any season.

As a dome tent manufacturer, we can make small or large geodesic dome tents with diameters from 6 to 12m.  They are designed to be compact like dome tent houses but comfortable and can be designed and assembled depending on the people number resting in them. Large glamping dome tents have more living space and flexible interior layouts can accommodate more people to stay with. Also can set up more beds and furniture for a comfortable experience.

Glamping Domes Dimension

6m Diameter glamping dome tent interior layout

8m Diameter glamping dome tent interior layout

10m Diamtter glamping dome tent interior layout

Size: Dia 6m

Inner Area: 28.27 m2

Bathroom Area: 6 m2

Guest: 1-2 man

Size: Dia 8m

Inner Area: 50.27 m2

Bathroom Area: 6 m2

Guest: 1-2 man

Size: Dia 10m

Inner Area: 78.54 m2

Bedroom: 4

Bathroom: 2

Guest: 4-8 man

Glamping Domes Optional

The glamping dome for sale is easy to customize. Whether the roof material, transparency, PVC roof color, window material, or door style, there are all options. You can also tell us your unique idea about the dome tent in your mind and we will design it for you and make it a reality.

Roof Materials

PVC cover or  glass cover

glamping dome materials

PVC Roof Transparency

The PVC cover can be transparent, opaque, colored, or have any design or pattern you choose printed directly on it.

Generally full-cover, semi-transparent, and fully transparent.

glamping domes roof

Glamping Domes Roof Colors

The available colors for PVC canvas are white, blue, khaki, and black.

Glamping Dome Roof Colors

Window Styles

Design two window styles for glamping dome tents. PVC canvas or glass.

window styles of glamping dome tent

Door Styles

Design different door styles for glamping dome tents. Zipper PVC canvas door or glass door, usually.

door styles of glamping dome tent

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Glamping domes provide shelter, warmth, and security. They are constructed from high-quality, low-maintenance components. The solid construction of the galvanized steel framework can be assembled quickly and easily and ensures the stability of the glamping dome. They are specially designed to have the ability to bear heavy rain or snow loads and to remain safe and comfortable even in severe weather.  The tent roof is 2 layers, PVC outside and silk cotton inside. The high-quality PVC cover is both waterproof and able to withstand the most severe weather conditions to provide a safe and cozy inside. And provide protection against UV radiation, with temperature resistance from -50 to +70 °C as well as high tensile and anti-tear strength. The silk cotton is heat insulation to keep inners warm in winter. The framework and the quality of the material of our glamping domes are guaranteed for at least 10 years.

How Do Our Glamping Dome Tent Kits Protect Your Safety?

Hard extruded aluminum for the tent structure framework, more than 20 years of service life.

Be built according to the basic trigonometry principle, and the frame is firm and reliable.

Can resist nine-level winds. And 35 KG/m2 snow load.

Fire-resistant PVDF membrane, made with the German DIN 4102 B1, M2 standard.

Glamping Domes Frame

Glamping Domes Materials and Characteristics

PVC roof: tear-resistant, waterproof, fire retardant, anti-mildew, color optional, easy to clean;

Aluminum alloy framework: anti-rust, anti-oxidation, lightweight, durable, long service life;

Tempered hollow glass: high strength, weather-resistant, impact-resistant, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation.

Glamping Domes Tent Built-up

The luxury glamping dome tent installation is easy. We will send you a pre-recorded assembly video as an installation guide. Assembling the tent requires 2 to 3 experienced people to set up in 2-3 days. If you encounter any problems during the tent setup process, you can always consult us and we will help you solve them.

Glamping Dome Interior decoration - 01Glamping Dome Interior decoration - 02

Glamping Dome Interior decoration - 03Glamping Dome Interior decoration - 04


The glamping dome tent price is at least $1500 USD (not including shipping cost).

The minimum order quantity is 5.

The glamping dome tent needs to be installed on wooden or other material-made platforms.

Extra upgrade options: Inner lining & curtain, flooring system (water floor heating/electric), air-conditioner, shower system, sewage system.

Generally, 45-60 days is tent-making time and ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

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