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Shade Cloth - Shade Net for Sale

The shade net is made of 100% virgin HDPE or high-density Polyethylene with UV-resistant stabilizers, which enables our nets extremely durable, tear-resistant, and long life span. After covering, the sun protection net can block light, rain, heat insulation, and cool down. The shade cloth for sale also acts as a warming and moisture barrier in spring and winter.

Product Description

Shade Net Can Be Used

- Our sunblock netting is easy to install and remove, so anywhere you need to be shaded. Patio, balconies, gardens, Home Depot, greenhouses, etc. Other applications include windscreens, temporary fencing, tennis courts, hail protection, bird netting, swimming pool covers, truck tarps, or anywhere shading or cooling is desired.

- The sunshade cloth can protect plants greenhouses or pets from harsh sunlight and overheating, protect the swimming pool from leaves, and create a comfortable shaded area for livestock housing, poultry buildings, barns, kennels, and family.

- The shade net can be put to a variety of uses in tunnels and horticultural greenhouses, and outdoors under the framework. It has shading capabilities ranging from 80% to 95%, be used to protect plants from direct sunlight offers superior ventilation, improves light diffusion, reflects summer heat, and keeps greenhouses cooler. Water can go through the mesh, so no need to remove the shade plant cover when watering.

Shade Net Gallery

Outdoor Sun Shade for patioSun Shade Net for Pergola

Sunshade Cloth for houseOutdoor Shade Cloth for Sale

waterproof shade netSun Shade Net for Garden

Sun Shade Cloth for GreenhouseSun Shade Cloth for home depot

Shade Net Size & Shape

Regarding the size, often 3x3(x3) m, 4x4(x4) m, 5x5(x5) m, and we can make it for you as much as you need.

Usually, most of the sunshade nets we produce are triangle and quadrilateral. We can also custom polygons or other shapes if you require them.

Sun Shade Cloth Size and Shape

Shade Net Color

In addition to the 16 colors shown below, we can make any color you custom.

 Sun Shade Net Color

Color Guide

BLACK -- The shade cloth with the greatest choice of shade values & widths. Ideal for every application. Naturally resists the sun's harmful UV radiation with long life.

WHITE -- White shade cloth reduces heat build-up by reflecting the sun's powerful radiation. White's reflectivity has improved diffusion underneath. Aesthetically pleasing, common in greenhouse applications.

GREEN -- Common in nurseries and other decorative/agricultural applications. Commonly found as windscreens, privacy screens, and tennis courts.

SAND -- Perfectly match your glamping tent and provide you with a shaded area. The warm colors look softer and make people relax during an outdoor camping.

Shade Net Materials & Features

Sunshade Cloth Materials and Features

* Easy Installation. All shade cloth for sale comes with a grommeted border allowing for easy installation. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) shade cloth is also 20-25% lighter than woven styles.

* UV Protection. High-density polyethylene is UV-resistant. Provide 80% UP UV protection.

* Lightweight and durability, mesh and breathable, anti-aging.

* Up to 80% - 95% shade rate. Can reduce the building's top surface of the light intensity, significantly reduces the temperature, ground temperature, and light intensity, effectively reducing the heat radiation, thus reducing the air temperature and ground temperature.

* Ventilation and water permeation. The open lockstitch design allows for water permeation and ventilation while reducing wind speed and heat build-up.

* Chemical resistance. HDPE shade cloth resists horticulture chemicals, sprays, and detergents.

* Long-lasting. Shade levels are constant throughout the product's life, and the lockstitch-knitted design resists ripping, tearing, and fraying.


Customizable shade cloth. Custom fabrication and configurations are available upon your request.

Package. PVC handle bag. Each piece is packed in a PVC bag with a color label inside or packed in a color box.

The minimum order quantity is 100 pcs per color per size.

7 – 15 days of sample time, and 25 - 60 days of production time.

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