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Glamping Canvas Tent - Eco Tent

Eco tent is a beautiful, well-designed, and environmentally sustainable luxury tented accommodation, more like a canvas-sided hotel room, equipped with bathroom, and the interior place comfortable beds and other furniture. 43sqm for 2 person or a three-person family. The eco glamping structure for sale can be set up in beaches, jungles, resorts

Product Description

Eco Tent | Glamping Structure

Size: 4.2m * 4.2m (main area), 4.2m * 2m (side area)

Total Area: 42.84 sqm = 17.64 sqm + 25.2 sqm

Framework: galvanized steel pipe

Roof Cloth: two layers, shade tent, and PVC

Sidewall Cloth: three layers of 500g canvas with insulation

Platform: adjustable galvanized steel platform

The interior of the eco tent can be divided into four parts: bedroom, bathroom, temporary office area (or second bedroom), balcony. According to your glamping idea, furnish the furniture you need in the tent, such as double-bed, air conditioner, sofa and so on.

Eco Tent Design 01Eco Tent Design 02

Eco tents are well-built and durable glamping tents made of the best fabrics and components. More than 10 years of lifespan, if the maintenance does well. It is a sustainable investment when starting your glamping business.

The top layer is shade cloth, 97% UV blocking rate, which provides shade and reduces heat build-up within the tent.

The second layer is the tent roof, made from waterproof canvas, a finish that provides protection.

The eco structure walls are made from proofed canvas with window screens, which can block mosquitoes and other insects.

Eco Friendly TentEco Friendly Glamping Tent

A best glamping tent for those who want to be close to nature but still want to enjoy comfort and convenience. Eco tent is a house tent accommodation for relaxation and entertainment. Build your glamping site with an eco tent, special enough to attract tourists who like a novelty.

The design of the eco tent is the most eye-catching and popular. The square structure looks like a reduced-version house. When you glamping with the eco-house tent, it's like glamping around your home. They feel more like portable cabins than tents.

The almost 43 sqm eco glamping structure is a canvas tent, built on a wooden platform. It can accommodate 2-3 people and is very suitable for couples or families who want a family holiday.

The deluxe eco tent is very spacious with a bathroom. The glamping tents are stylishly arranged, and comfortable beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, or other furniture can be configured according to your preferences to give you or your guests a real glamping feel.

Eco Tents Gallery

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Eco Tent for SaleEco-friendly Tent for Sale

Eco-friendly Glamping Tent for jungleLuxury Eco-friendly Tent

One of the pleasures of glamping is the experience of preparing and enjoying food with your partner, family or friends, buying some portable cooking tools, and enjoying the fun of making food in nature.


Custom-made service.

45-60 days is tent-making time.

Generally, ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

The eco tents for sale are supplied in kit form and can be erected onsite by a handyman as we will supply installation instructions.

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