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Glass igloos for sale are wonderful modern glamping accommodations that are beautiful and attention-grabbing. Covered by fully clear glass, it can provide better lighting and a 360-degree panoramic view. You can stargaze, bird watching, and sky watching indoors. The internal space is at least 28 sqm, which can be equipped with a bathroom and can accommodate two people. The bedroom can be set up according to your decoration ideas. The frame material is aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable, so the glass geodesic dome tent is safe and stable and can be lived in for a long time. We have two styles of glass igloo tents, standard and smart. You can choose the one you are interested in and inquire now.

Product Description

Glass igloo domes elevate the glamping experience to a whole new level. They are perfect for those seeking a unique and unforgettable way to reconnect with nature in style. It seamlessly blends into the natural surroundings of campsites or scenic spots, enhancing the overall experience for you or your customers. With its sea-blue glass cover evoking a sense of tranquility and relaxation, perfect for creating the ideal vacation ambiance.

The glass igloo tent boasts a see-through transparent roof, allowing for breathtaking panoramic vistas. Stargaze from the comfort of your bed, or simply soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The pillar-free design provides a spacious interior for a flexible customizable set-out. You can furnish it with a plush king bed, a comfy sofa, and even an air conditioner for year-round enjoyment. You can even also section off a private bathroom area for ultimate convenience.

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Glass Igloo Size

As a leading glass igloo manufacturer, we offer a range of sizes to suit your needs. Our most popular options are 6 meters to 10 meters in diameter. But don't be limited! We can also custom-build larger igloos to your specifications.

Our glass dome houses can be modular! They are designed to be easily interconnected, allowing for the creation of new unique configurations and expanding your accommodations by combining different sizes. Whether you envision a cozy intimate setup or a grand interconnected cluster, our glass igloos can be tailored to bring your vision to life.

6m Diameter igloo dome tent interior layout

8m Diameter glass igloo interior layout

10m Diamtter glass dome tent interior layout

Size: Dia. 6m

Inner Area: 28.27 m2

Bathroom Area: 6 m2

Guest: 1-2 man

Size: Dia. 8m

Inner Area: 50.27 m2

Bathroom Area: 6 m2

Guest: 1-2 man

Size: Dia. 10m

Inner Area: 78.54 m2

Bedroom: 4

Bathroom: 2

Guest: 4-8 man

Glass Igloo Tent Inner decoration 01Glass Igloo Tent Interior decoration 02

Igloo Tent Inner Decoration 03Igloo Tent Interior Decoration 04

Igloo Tent with BathroomIgloo Dome With Bathroom

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Glass Igloo Features

Robust Frame Structure. Our glass igloos boast a stable and durable frame structure constructed from multiple triangles, ensuring strength and stability. This design is resistant to wind and earthquakes.

Superior Thermal and Sound Insulation. Our double- or triple-layer insulated glass can keep the interior comfortably warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Additionally, it significantly reduces outside noise, ensuring a peaceful and relaxing environment.

All-Weather Enjoyment. Tempered glass construction makes our igloos weather-resistant. Our glass igloo domes withstand wind, rain, and snow loads, making them suitable for various climate conditions.

Enhanced Privacy. The outer layer of glass features a unique metallic coating that transforms it into a one-way mirror. This ingenious design allows you to enjoy unobstructed panoramic views while maintaining complete privacy. The outside world cannot see in, but you have a crystal-clear view out.

Longevity. Crafted from high-quality materials, our igloos are built to last, ensuring durability and longevity for prolonged enjoyment.

Versatility. Our igloos serve multiple purposes, functioning as accommodations, eco-houses, or garden greenhouses, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Easy Maintenance. Simple maintenance is ensured with just a rag and a bottle of glass cleaner, making upkeep hassle-free and convenient.

Two Styles of Glass Igloos

Within our glass igloo collection, we offer two distinct styles: Standard and Smart. While they may share a similar appearance, their differences lie in the finer details, which ultimately shape your unique living experience. The Smart model introduces advanced features that can be operated conveniently through a remote control.

Glass Roof Cover

Standard: The roof cover consists of double-layer transparent glass, providing a clear view of the surroundings. However, the transparency of the glass cannot be adjusted. On sunny days, direct sunlight may enter the interior, necessitating the use of indoor curtains or additional outdoor sunshade nets to regulate the light.

Smart: The glass roof cover features three layers. The inner and outer layers retain the same characteristics as the Standard model. The middle layer is coated with a light-adjustable substance. This allows you to adjust the transparency of the roof using a remote control.  Find the perfect balance between natural light and comfortable shade by adjusting opacity in different sections. This innovative feature enables you to block the sun's rays by setting the glass to an opaque state on sunny days, eliminating the need for interior curtains.


Standard: The standard model is equipped with three manual windows that can be opened and closed by hand. It does not include a skylight.

Smart: The smart model enhances convenience with three remote-controlled windows and an additional skylight. You can effortlessly operate these windows and skylights using the remote control, adjusting them to suit your ventilation preferences.

standard Glass Igloosmart Glass Igloo

Glass Igloo Materials

Aluminum Alloy Framework: This lightweight yet robust material boasts exceptional resistance to rust and oxidation.  Lightweight yet durable, this framework ensures a long service life.

Tempered Hollow Glass: Constructed with tempered hollow glass, our igloos offer superior strength and resilience. This glass is weather-resistant, and impact-resistant, and provides excellent heat, sound, and thermal insulation properties.

Glass Igloo Built-up

Setting up the glass igloo is a straightforward process facilitated by a pre-recorded assembly video that we provide as an installation guide. Typically, assembly requires 2 to 3 experienced individuals and can be completed within 2-3 days. Should you encounter any challenges during the setup, our team is readily available to provide assistance and ensure a smooth installation process.

Helpful Tips

Custom-Made Service: We offer customization options for glass igloo size, window and door configurations, and other accessories to suit your specific preferences.

Platform Installation: The glass igloo can be installed on wooden or other material-made platforms for optimal stability and support.

Tent Maintenance: Maintenance is effortless, with the glass easily cleaned using specialized cleaning detergent for a pristine finish.

Extra Upgrade Options: Upgrade your igloo experience with a selection of premium options.  These include an inner lining and curtains for added privacy and warmth, a flooring system with options for water floor heating or electric heating, air conditioning for year-round comfort, a shower system, and even a sewage system.

Production and Shipping Timeframe: Tent-making typically takes between 45-60 days, while ocean shipping typically requires an additional 30-45 days.

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