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Glass Igloos for Sale

Glass igloos for sale are wonderful modern glamping accommodations that are beautiful and attention-grabbing. Covered by fully clear glass, it can provide better lighting and a 360-degree panoramic view. You can stargaze, bird watching, and sky watching indoors. The internal space is at least 28 sqm, which can be equipped with a bathroom and can accommodate two people. The bedroom can be set up according to your own decoration ideas. The frame material is aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable, so the geodesic glass dome tent is safe and stable and can be lived in for a long time. We have two styles of glass igloo tents, standard and smart. You can choose the one you are interested in and inquire now.

Product Description

The glass igloo dome has a beautiful appearance, and the sea blue glass cover makes people relaxed and calm, which is undoubtedly very suitable for the comfortable mood required for vacation.  It assimilates into the natural environment of the camp or scenic spot, coupled with its unique features, which can give you or your customers a pleasant experience and enjoyment.

The see-through glass roof can provide a better view. When in the glamping igloo, you can have an unobstructed view of the outdoor scenery, and on a clear night, you can even lie in bed and watch the stars in the sky.

The pillar-free interior space can freely place furniture without restriction, e. queen bed, sofa, table, AC, and you can even divide a bathroom area.

Glass Igloo Size

As a glass igloo manufacturer, glass igloos with a diameter of 6 meters to 10 meters are the most commonly produced, and larger sizes can also be customized for you. Different sizes can be freely connected to form new igloos.

6m Diameter igloo dome tent interior layout

8m Diameter glass igloo interior layout

10m Diamtter glass dome tent interior layout

Size: Dia. 6m

Inner Area: 28.27 m2

Bathroom Area: 6 m2

Guest: 1-2 man

Size: Dia. 8m

Inner Area: 50.27 m2

Bathroom Area: 6 m2

Guest: 1-2 man

Size: Dia. 10m

Inner Area: 78.54 m2

Bedroom: 4

Bathroom: 2

Guest: 4-8 man

Glass Igloo Tent Inner decoration 01Glass Igloo Tent Interior decoration 02

Igloo Tent Inner Decoration 03Igloo Tent Interior Decoration 04

Igloo Tent with BathroomIgloo Dome With Bathroom

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Glass Igloo Features

The frame structure is stable, strong, and durable. The hemispherical mesh structure assembled and spliced by multiple triangles is strong, stable, wind, and earthquake-resistant.

Thermal and sound insulation. Double-layer or triple-layer insulating glass can effectively isolate the outside world from high and low temperatures, and can also shield most of the sounds from outside.

All-weather resistant. Covered with tempered glass, is resistant to wind, rain, and snow loads, and can adapt to various climate conditions.

Good privacy. The outer glass coated with a metallic film turns the glass into a mirror. The outside cannot see the inside, but the inside can clearly see the outside.

Long-lasting. High-quality materials ensure the tent will last for a long time.

Multiple uses. It can be used as accommodation, an eco-house, or a garden greenhouse.

Easy to maintain. Just a rag and a bottle of glass cleaner will get the job done.

Two Styles of Glass Igloos

Standard one and Smart one. Although they look similar in appearance, they are very different in some details, and these details also determine the different living experiences. The smart model can complete certain manual operations through remote control.

Glass Roof Cover

Standard: The glass is double-layer transparent glass, and the transparency of the glass cannot be adjusted. On sunny days, the sun will shine directly indoors, and indoor curtains or additional outdoor sunshade nets must be used to block the light.

Smart: The glass has three layers. The inner and outer layers have the same characteristics as the Standard. The glass surface of the middle layer is coated with a light-adjustable substance. The transparency of the glass can be adjusted through the remote control. The transparency of the glass in different positions can be changed individually. On sunny days, the glass can be set to an opaque state to block the sun, so there are no curtains in the interior.


Standard: There are three windows in total, which need to be opened and closed manually. No skylight.

Smart: There are three windows and one skylight, and these can be opened and closed with remote controls.

standard Glass Igloosmart Glass Igloo

Glass Igloo Materials

Aluminum alloy framework: anti-rust, anti-oxidation, lightweight, durable, long service life;

Tempered hollow glass: high strength, weather-resistant, impact-resistant, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation.

Glass Igloo Built-up

The tent installation is easy. We will send you a pre-recorded assembly video as an installation guide. Assembling the tent requires 2 to 3 experienced people to set up in 2-3 days. If you encounter any problems during the tent setup process, you can always consult us and we will help you solve them.

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>> View Our Glass Igloo Project 02


Custom-made service. The glass igloo size, window and door optional, and other accessories.

Install on one wooden or other material-make platforms.

Tent maintenance. Easy to maintain, the glass can be cleaned with special cleaning detergent.

Extra upgrade options: Inner lining & curtain, flooring system (water floor heating/electric), air-conditioner, shower system, sewage system.

Generally, 45-60 days is tent-making time, and ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

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