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Platform Tent - African Safari Tent L

The African safari tent L for sale is a popular canvas glamping tent with a bathroom. The interior is large and can be decorated with modern furniture. It is the perfect tented accommodation for 2 - 4 man. The deluxe platform tent is suitable for backyard, sunshine coast, and jungles.

Product Description

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We encourage you to share your glamping ideas sudden in the brain, beautiful tent pictures found somewhere, or specifications about the glamping tent with us, we discuss together with you to design the glamping tent you want, then we make it into reality.

African Safari tent L is a beautiful-look wooden-like framed tent and a popular luxury platform tent for camping. The wooden material bracket and the deep khaki canvas exterior, the luxury safari tent retains the appearance of the traditional camping tent.

Platform tent - African Safari Tent

African Safari Tent L

Overall Size: 9m * 4.5m * 3.8m(h) / 29.53ft * 14.76ft * 12.47ft(h)

Total Area: 40.5 m2 / 435.94 ft2

Inner Size: 5.6m * 4.3m * 3.4m(h) / 18.37ft * 14.11ft * 11.15ft(h)

Inner Area: 24.08 m2 / 259.19 ft2

Bedroom: two (one double bed and two single bed)

Bathroom: two

Guest: 2-4 man

Safari tent is a sensible and portable tent accommodation and is a popular platform tent in many glamping sites or resorts. The luxury safari tent is supported by synthetic wood, and the roof cover and sidewall are typically made of weather-resistant and durable fabric-like canvas.

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors without forgoing the comforts of home. Experience starry night skies, wild landscapes, healthy cafe-style dining, and a luxurious private tent. The African safari tent interior can be equipped with upholstered beds, writing desks, wardrobes and hangers, coffee tables, chairs and simple sofas, bedside tables, bedside lamps, floor lamps, full-length mirrors, luggage racks, air conditioning, and other high-end furniture. Moving the living environment in the modern house into the platform tent in the wild to have the feeling of living in urban hotels.

Two Platform Safari Tent Types

Standard Safari Tent

Standard Safari Tent 01Standard Safari Tent 02

High-quality Safari Tent

High-quality Safari Tent 01High-quality Safari Tent 02

The African safari tent L is made of 80mm diameter high-strength & non-deformable synthetic wood and aluminum alloy. The crack-free synthetic wood is selected for surface polishing and anti-corrosion treatment. The synthetic wood is used as the framework to ensure the service life of the tent. Wrap the outer perimeter and roof of the tent with 900D oxford fabric, waterproof, anti-mosquito, UV-resistant and fully protects people inside the tent.

African Safari Tent L Size & Material




Roof Cover

900D Oxford Fabric

5 years lifespan

 PU coating

√ waterproof

√ water pressure (WP5000)

√ UV protection (UV50+)

√ fire retardant (CPCA-84) 

    ** USA standard

√ anti-mildew

√ anti-mosquito

1680D Oxford Fabric

5 years lifespan

 PU coating

√ waterproof

√ water pressure (WP7000)

√ UV protection (UV50+)

√ fire retardant (CPCA-84) 

    ** USA standard

√ anti-mildew

650G PVC membrane

10-15 years lifespan

 super self-cleaning

√ waterproof

√ water pressure (WP10000)

√ UV protection (UV50+)

√ fire retardant (CPCA-84) 

    ** USA standard

Roof Cover Color



900D Oxford Fabric

5 years lifespan

PU coating   waterproof   water pressure (WP5000)   UV protection (UV50+)

fire retardant (CPCA-84/USA standard)   anti-mildew   anti-mosquito

Sidewall Color


Sidewall Option

tempered hollow glass   /   sandwich panel   /   canvas for PVDF membrane


80mm synthetic wood

no crack   no deformation   high toughness   surface polish treatment

antiseptic   anti-corrosion treatment   environment protection


Stainless steel bolt   Dovetail nail   Plastic cap   SBS zipper   Tear-resistance mesh window

Chill-proof clear PVC   100% plastic buckle   nickel-plated brass buckle   8mm anti-aging rope


Extra upgrade options: Inner lining & curtain, flooring system (water floor heating/electric), air-conditioner, shower system, sewage system.

45-60 days is tent-making time.

Generally, ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

Realize glamping business with the African safari tent L.