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Canvas Safari Tent – Safari Tent L

The safari tent is a classic beautiful-look glamping tent, that retains the appearance of the traditional African tent, but with more comfortable accommodation. And with the wooden material bracket and the ripstop canvas fabric cover, it can easily fit onto jungles, riversides, and beaches. The luxury safari tent space is relatively smaller, but a kitchen, bathroom area, bedroom, and a large veranda can be set, and a reasonable layout can also make living comfortable for sleeping 2 persons.

Product Description

The African tent is a popular luxury safari tent in many glamping sites or resorts. Move the modern living environment into the safari tent in the wild and immerse yourself in the great outdoors without forgoing the comforts, like having the feeling of living in an urban hotel. Experience starry night skies, wild landscapes, and healthy cafe-style dining.

The overall size of the safari tent is about 40 sqm, with a large balcony of 16 sqm. The indoor area is 24 sqm, which can be decorated according to your glamping ideas. Make full use of the balcony and the interior, place the sofa and dining table on the balcony, and divide the interior into the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The efficient layout can make your guests will still have all the space they need.

safari tent floor plan

Canvas Safari Tent - African Tent L

Overall Size: 9m * 4.5m * 3.8m(h)

Total Area: 40.5 m2

Inner Size: 5.6m * 4.3m * 3.4m(h)

Inner Area: 24.08 m2

Beds: one or two

Guest: 2 man

The African safari tent has a clear sense of hierarchy, a wooden frame shell, and an interior canvas fabric tent. The frame is made of 80mm diameter high-toughness synthetic wood and steel connectors with anti-rust painting. The crack-free synthetic wood is selected for surface polishing and anti-corrosion treatment to ensure the service life of the canvas safari tent. The wood is connected with steel connectors when assembled to make the frame more stable. The inside canvas tent is fixed on the platform with rivets, and the 8mm anti-aging nylon rope tightly binds it to the frame, to make the tent stable to resist bad weather.

The framed roof is PVDF covered with a shade net, which can block 97% of ultraviolet rays to reduce heat accumulation. PVDF is waterproof and easy to clean. And the inside tent is typically made of weather-resistant and durable fabric-like canvas. 900D oxford fabric, waterproof, fire retardant, anti-mosquito, UV-resistant, and fully protects people inside the tent. The roof and sidewall come in a range of colors – khaki, beige, green, and white – so that you can choose the look that best suits your site.

The sidewalls of the African tent are canvas with screen windows on both sides. The mesh window is large, which is very useful in hot summer, and the two-way ventilation allows the cool wind to blow in and keeps the tent at a comfortable temperature. Moreover, the field of vision inside the tent is wide, and you can easily see the scenery outside the tent. The window hole is less than 1mm, even those tiny flying insects can block them out of the tent, and it will not disturb you who enjoy summer in the tent. Each screen window comes with a roller shutter canvas window of the same area, and the thickness of the canvas window is also 2mm. In cold weather, pulling down canvas windows keep the inside of the tent warmer and lose heat more slowly. The canvas window can be fixed with plastic buckles when up and closes with a zipper.

Usually, the door of the safari tent is a double-layer zipper door, the outer layer of canvas door, and the inner layer of gauze mesh door. These zippers are the best quality SBS zippers, they are not easy to break, and you don't have to worry about the zipper not closing. When the canvas door or the mesh door is opened, it can be secured with a side-release plastic buckle. In summer, you can only open the canvas door and close the mesh door, which can not only allow air circulation but also prevent insects from entering the tent.

Safari Tent – African Tent LSafari Tent – African Tent L

Safari Tent Materials and Accessories

Shade-net, made of 100% virgin HDPE with UV-resistant stabilizers, durable. Long-life span;

PVDF, tear-resistant, waterproof, fire retardant, anti-mildew, color optional, easy to clean;

Rip-stop canvas, waterproof, fire retardant, anti-mildew, color optional white, beige, khaki, green;

Galvanized steel pipe, not easy to rust, strong, and not easy to break;

Synthetic wood, 80mm thick, surface polish treatment, no crack, no deformation, high-toughness, antiseptic;

Stainless steel bolt, dovetail nail, plastic cap, SBS zipper, tear-resistance mesh window, chill-proof clear PVC, 100% plastic buckle, nickel-plated brass buckle, 8mm anti-aging rope.

Safari Tent Built-up

You can build it yourself by following our recorded tent-building videos. Usually, before your tent is delivered to you, we will set up it first ourselves and also record videos that will also be sent to you as a guide. Assembling this tent requires 4 to 6 experienced people to set up in 1-2 days. If you encounter any problems during the tent setup process, you can always consult us and we will help you solve them.

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Custom-made service. The tent size, framework, sidewall option, canvas color, and other accessories.

Install on one wooden or other material-make platform.

Tent maintenance. Easy to maintain, the PVDF roof and canvas sidewalls can be cleaned with special cleaning detergent.

Extra upgrade options: Inner lining & curtain, flooring system (water floor heating/electric), air-conditioner, shower system, sewage system.

Generally, 45-60 days is tent-making time, ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

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