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Glamping Pods for Sale

Jul. 15, 2022

Glamping is for those who want the best outdoor experience, when it comes to glamping there are many glamping-style houses to choose from, the glamping pod is one of them and one of the most popular types of glamping accommodation.

What Is Glamping Pod

Typically, glamping pods are tent-like structures made of wood, rather than flexible materials such as canvas or cotton. They vary in size, but most add room for amenities that your standard tent might not. Compared to traditional camping, the pod provides excellent protection from wind and rain.

Pods offer a camping experience, but also special amenities. At most glamping sites, you can choose to live in a pod that already comes with a bed. Some glamping pods can be more luxurious and offer more amenities, including bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens.

On the low end, the pods have a bed, table, some chairs, and a wood-burning stove. On the high end, they can have electricity, toilets, fully equipped kitchens, and even a hot tub.

Glamping Pods

Wooden Glamping Pod & Aluminum Glamping Pod

Wooden Glamping Pod

Glamping pods are usually made of wood framing, metal roof and cladding walls, and glass windows. They usually feature sloping domes, which give the pods a unique look compared to tiny houses or other small wooden luxury tents. The glamping pod is also small compared to the glamping cabin, but a bit larger. And these wooden structures are designed to be more comfortable than traditional cabins.

Camping pods are generally 5-12 meters long and 2-4 meters wide. Most pods only provide a warm, dry place to sleep, so they are very cramped and have relatively simple interiors. Inside you usually have lighting, a small heater, carpet, and shutters on the door. You'll need to bring a few things to camps, like sleeping bags, pillows, a stove, utensils, and towels. Some glamping pods offer a more luxurious living experience, with en suite bathrooms and running water, but most are still simple.

Camp pods can range in price from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on their size, configuration, construction materials, and quality.

Aluminum Glamping Pod

In fact, as the glamping business in the world has grown, manufacturers have made many different types of new glamping pods, like aluminum frame glamping pods. More new camping pods have been developed and improved compared to traditional camping pods, such as cocoon pods. Manufacturers have also developed many new luxury tents with new materials and new shapes that are different from traditional slopes and domes.

The new glamping pods in various shapes are light and colorful with new materials. This new design of camping pods generally uses steel frames, lighter PVDF, PVC canvas covers, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and wood or laminate floors. Because the construction material is lighter and can be assembled and installed at the campsite, new camping pods can have a larger footprint, typically over 30 square meters (322 square feet).

Glamping Pods comparison

New Glamping Pods for Sale

Glamping combines the best aspects of outdoor time with all modern conveniences. We offer a variety of camping pods for sale to suit all your needs.

Each of our pod designs or cabins can be customized to your exact requirements, perfectly matching the needs of your business, home or lifestyle. From initial design to full realization, our team will work closely with you to create the unique space you've always wanted.

We manufacture modern glamping pods, like cocoon pod and shell-shaped pod.

The cocoon glamping pod looks like a small house. The special curved structure with the white exterior, cute and gorgeous, perfectly blends in with the natural landscape, making it an absolute adornment for glamping by the lake or the sea. The cocoon glamping pod has enough living space for decorating furniture and can accommodate 2 persons. It`s weather-resistant and you can live in it permanently.

Cocoon Glamping Pods

The shell-shaped pod inspires the permanent tent structure. From a height, you can see that shell-shaped tents are like real conches lost on the beach. The shell-shaped glamping pod is a perfect tent to live in permanently on the beachfront or lakeside. The large space of 56 square meters makes your living more flexible. Play with your decorating ideas and make your glamping experience in the shell-shaped tent more unique.

shell-shaped pod

The glamping pod for sale provides the best solution for your glamping business. From luxury tents, camping furniture, bathrooms, and many other items, perfect for campsites, resorts, or private garden buildings.

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