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Tent Building – Fabric Structure Building

Tent building is a versatile fabric structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The fabric tent structure can be used for a variety of purposes whether used temporarily or permanently, industrial, construction, warehousing, equipment maintenance shelters, etc. Tent buildings can be manufactured to any width and length needed and can be expanded where more interior space is needed. We can also custom manufacture tent buildings so that they can meet the specific needs of our customers.

Product Description

The tent building is beautiful in appearance, strong and safe, and it is made of high-quality aluminum and high-quality steel. There is no need for load-bearing pillars inside, and the site is fully utilized. Tent buildings have no special requirements for the construction site, such as sand, grass, asphalt, concrete and tiled floors. The fabric structure with clear-span scope from 10m to 40m. length can be expanded or reduced by a regular distance 3m or 5m. It can be installed by units according to the size of the site, creating unlimited space.

Reliability and safety are important quality characteristics of tent buildings. The main structure of the tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 profiles, the frame is connected by steel parts, and the roof surface is reinforced with steel cable diagonal strips. Our tents are built with tough foundations with materials and structures for high integrity and safety. The building structure meets strict European standards. The overall tent structure has undergone professional wind testing and damage testing. The roof is a curved shape which makes the tent stronger for snow load and rain load on roof cover, and as strong as to withstand 120 km/h wind speed and 0.4KN/M2 snow loading. Covered with ripstop fabric PVC, 100% waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1,anti-corrosion.

Another advantage of a fabric structure is portability. They can be disassembled and transported between sites, and by adding crane lifting kits or other mobility kits, they can be moved as a unit.

Tent Building

Aluminum Structure Frame

☆ Hard extruded aluminum alloy T6061/T6 (15~17HW)

☆ Easy to assemble and disassemble

☆ Few components and less space for storage

☆ Be installed without heavy machinery

☆ Compatible with other accessories

☆ 15-20 years lifespan

PVC Structure Tent

PVC Roof Cover

☆ Specification: 650~1100g/m2

☆ Flame Retardant: DIN 4102 B1 M2

☆ Wind Load: 88 km/h

☆ Snow Load: 35 kg/m2

☆ High strength and strong tension

☆ anti-mildew and anti-corrosion

☆ 10-15 years lifespan

Tent buildings are generally used as

√ Hangar Tent. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, space is large enough.

√ Industrial storage tent. Large indoor space. Effectively protects against light and fire.

Hangar TentTFS Tent

industrial tent buildingwarehouse tent

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