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A Frame Small Cabin

A-frame cabins for sale are a popular living house for both rustic and urban. It can be built on any land and is perfect for a guest home, rental cabin, or personal living. The small cabins we make, with an affordable price, efficient assembly, and sustainable design, are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a modern, eco-friendly home. A-frame cabin house kits come with a loft and a bathroom, allowing the layout to be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

Product Description

Cabin Features

Enough available space. The interior is very high, and there are no load-bearing walls inside, so you can make full use of the indoor space. It can be divided into two or three floors to maximize space utilization and meet your comfortable home life.

Stable framework. The triangular design structure makes it particularly stable. Even in strong winds or earthquakes, it remains stable on the ground. The sloped roof can drain water more quickly, reducing the erosion and load on the roof.

Heat insulation. The roof is equipped with large high-quality insulation material, making it resistant to cold winters and hot summers.

Excellent light and views. The front of the cabin is a transparent glass wall, which not only allows you to enjoy the winter sun inside the cabins but also allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery without leaving the house.

Can be lived in for a long time. The wood has been treated with antiseptic treatment can allow you to live in it for a long time, and there will be no problem for 10 years.

Easy to build. With basic construction skills and a small team, you can assemble your A-frame home in just a few weeks.

Easy to maintain. Just a rag and a bottle of glass cleaner will get the job done.

a frame cabin design drawing 01a frame cabin design drawing 02


Synthetic wood. The wood is surface polished and preservative treated to protect it from insects and rain, extending the life of the cabin. Used for the beveled walls and rear wall.

Tempered insulating glass. Transparent. Double-layer. Insulated to keep warm, soundproof, and noise-proof. Used for the front glass wall and the rear wall windows.

Aluminum-alloy. Used for the front wall support structure. Wood is another option.

a frame cabin interior 01a frame cabin interior 02

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