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Modern Safari Tent – RAHAT

The RAHAT tent is a heavy-duty semi-permanent tent modeled after the appearance of traditional African tents. The main body of the tent is built with galvanized steel pipe, and the side wall is a sandwich panel hard wall filled with cotton. The modern safari tent is easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain and has a long lifespan.

Product Description

Modern Safari Tent – Rahat

Modern Safari Tent – Rahat


Size: 5m*8.5m

Indoor Area: 35 sqm

Fit: 2 people


Galvanized Steel Frame

Double roof, 1050G PVDF + 650G PVC with insulation cotton inside

Canvas wall with gauze

Steel-wood hybrid structure platform

Modern Safari Tent – Rahat

Decoration Reference

Basic: toilet partition, waterproof, water and electricity system (strong electricity, weak electricity, water supply, drainage), switch panel and socket;

Furniture: queen bed, mattress, bedside table, coat rack, leisure table, leisure chair;

Bathroom: customized integrated bathroom, bathroom cabinet set;

Ground: luxury solid wood floor, anti-skid and moisture-proof stone-plastic board in bathroom

Electrical: ceiling light, air conditioner, desk lamp, mirror headlight, hair dryer, kettle;

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Modern Safari Tent – Rahat

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