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RAHAT tent in Yunman Villa Resort

Mar. 07, 2024

Project Base Information

Tent styles: RAHAT, a modern safari-style tent

Tent number: 5

Location: Hongsi Lake, Shaanxi Province, Northern China

Climate: The area where the resort is located has a subtropical monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons and a mild climate. The average annual temperature is 14°C, with hot and rainy summers and cold and dry winters. There is abundant rainfall. The annual precipitation is about 850 mm.

Yunman Villa is a resort hotel integrating accommodation, catering, entertainment, and conferences. Mountains and rivers surround the hotel, have an elegant environment, and has various guest rooms and villas to meet the needs of different guests.

The villa originally had more than 100 guest rooms, including standard, deluxe, suites, etc. To build a unique hotel, the villa ordered 5 modern tents this time to enrich customers' accommodation options.

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tent bedroom 01

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tent with toilet

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