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They Built A Glamping Spot In The Jujube Orchard

Feb. 28, 2024

Project Base Information

Total Area: More than 7000 sqm

Tent styles: glass dome, cocoon tent, shell-shaped tent, lodge tent

Tent number: 11

Location: Jishan County, Shanxi Province, Northern China

Climate: It has four distinct seasons, with moderate temperatures in spring and autumn, more rain in summer, and low temperatures and snowfall in winter.

We have a customer who produces jujubes. He also has a jujube orchard covering an area of 1,000 acres. The jujube orchard is full of jujube trees, with birds singing and flowers fragrant, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and a quiet environment. So he wanted to combine the B&B with the jujube orchard to create a unique glamping spot. The glamping adopts the design concept of "integrating nature, integrating rooms and views", allowing guests to experience a return to a life close to nature.

The entire glamping spot has 11 accommodation units, each of which is designed and built by professional designers. There are different unique styles, including starry sky glass dome tents, glass wall lodge tents, cocoon tents, shell-shaped tents, and canvas safari tents. These units are distributed in the jujube orchard at a distance from each other. This will not only give customers privacy and peace of mind but also give them the freedom and relaxation to blend into the countryside.

When laying out the locations of these tents, they also fully considered the lighting and views of the rooms. The interior design of the room is also tasteful, the room layout is reasonable, and the bedding is comfortable, which improves the living comfort. Smart furniture and branded bathroom fixtures are also used inside the room to give customers a better living experience.

Natural Environment

Natural Environment 01

Natural Environment 02

Natural Environment 03

Natural Environment 04

Glass Igloo Dome

Glass Igloo Dome 01

Glass Igloo Dome 02

Glass Igloo Dome 03

Glass Igloo Dome 04

Cocoon House Tent

Cocoon House Tent 01

Cocoon House Tent 02

Cocoon House Tent 03

Cocoon House Tent 04

Glass Wall Tent

Glass Wall Tent 01

Glass Wall Tent 02

Glass Wall Tent 03

Glass Wall Tent 04

Shell-shaped Tent

Shell-shaped Tent 01

Shell-shaped Tent 02

Shell-shaped Tent 03

Shell-shaped Tent 04

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