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Ultra-luxury Glamping Tent - PALO

A glamping tent designed for the ultimate in luxury. The indoor area can reach 240 sqm. The large space can not only set high-end furniture but also have enough space for decorative accessories, making the indoor atmosphere more luxurious. The big foundation platform also provides the possibility for outdoor leisure, making your glamping life more diverse. Glass walls not only provide excellent lighting but also provide a wider field of vision, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you without leaving the house. The PALO is perfect for resorts and can be used as a tent villa for private vacations.

Product Description

Palo tent appearance 01Palo tent appearance 02

Palo tent appearance 03Palo tent appearance 04


Two bedrooms and one living room

Tent footprint: 240 sqm

Bedroom: 70 sqm

Living room: 100 sqm


Frame: steel tube. The surface is galvanized painting and heat transfer printing treated. Strong and durable, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

Out roof cover: 1050PVDF. Waterproof, sunproof, flame retardant, easy to clean.

Inner roof cover: PVC. Moisture-proof, mildew-proof and heat-insulating.

Wall: tempered insulating glass. Hard and unbreakable, sound and heat insulating. Optional single glazing or coated glass.


The high-peak curved roof is both beautiful and can effectively break the wind, reducing the impact of wind on the tent and accelerating the fall of rainwater. The roof color is optional, white or khaki.

Double-layer roof, the outer layer is PVDF to protect the tent from wind and rain, and the inner layer is PVC with thermal insulation cotton to maintain the temperature inside the tent.

Multiple support rods hold the outer roof together to stabilize it.

Metal platform to prevent the tent from sinking.


Stable. The frame design that complies with structural mechanics allows the tent to remain stable even in the face of strong winds.

4-season and all-weather. From spring to winter, from the tropics to the frigid zone, from the plains to the mountains, tents can be applied to any place and any climate.

Can live in for a long time. The materials used in the tent have a lifespan of more than 10 years, and the frame can last up to 15 years.

Custom functions. It is not just a place to live, it can also be a restaurant, reception, and more.

Palo tent living room 01

Palo tent living room 02

Palo tent living room 03

Palo tent living room 04

Palo tent living room 05

Palo tent living room 06

Palo tent bedroom 01

Palo tent bedroom 02

Palo tent bedroom 03

Palo tent bedroom 04

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