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Large Glass Wall Tent

The large glass wall tent is the best tent to have the perfect glamping getaway! Whether you're thinking of glamping with the whole family or planning to open a glamping resort, it is the one you're looking for. The glamping tents have more space inside, which can accommodate more people, giving them a homey, comfortable feel, and they can also be decorated as a reception room or banquet room in a resort. If you are thinking of finding a good 4-season tent so you can take a vacation outdoors for the long term, a large glamping tent is a great option to go with.

Product Description

An optimal tent size for the creation of a very comfortable yet intimate retreat. It's available in different sizes, quite big enough to satisfy anyone looking for plenty of space. It’s a perfect tent for an en-suite bedroom with plenty of living space and enough room for additional furnishings. Consider the large glass wall tents if you are thinking about creating an upscale experience for your guests.

The large tent with many rooms is an excellent choice if you enjoy your privacy, or even if you want different rooms dedicated to different activities. There is enough space in the tent that you can have a lounging area, two bedrooms, and a storage area, each with its own dividers! There are several entrances into the tent as well, so you can just go to your room from the outside without disturbing anyone else.

Large Glass Wall Tent Size

large galss wall tent interior layout 01

large galss wall tent interior layout 02

large galss wall tent interior layout 03

Inner Area: 90 m2

Bedroom: 3

Bathroom: 2

Guest: 3-6 man 

Inner Area: 80 m2

Bedroom: 2

Bathroom: 2

Guest: 2-4 man 

Inner Area: 90 m2

Bedroom: 3

Bathroom: 3

Guest: 3-6 man

The big glamping tents create an oasis of coolness and space, with full-size doors, high ceilings, all-side large floor-to-ceiling windows, and ample space for real beds and furniture. Superior engineered framework and roof fabric configurations offer a 100% waterproof and bug-free environment with efficient airflow. The strong, waterproof polyester material is some of the highest quality you can find, and it can withstand any weather that could come your way, even winter storms!

The large galss wall tent is heavy-duty tent. The frame assembled from galvanized steel is the strongest stability of the tent. Even in strong earthquake or storm weather, the tent can still stand firmly on the ground and will not collapse. The highest quality steel is durable and has a service life of up to 15 years, after which it can be recycled, environmentally friendly and economical.

The sidewall is high-strength tempered insulating glass, which has good lighting and a wide field of vision. The glass windows with screens allow you to enjoy the great outdoor scenery, and also provide excellent ventilation, to manage to keep cool inside during the hotter months of the year while keeping warm during the colder months. The tempered glass window has a good sound reduction. Sealed double glazing is effective at reducing medium

Large galss wall Tent Frame

Large galss wall Tent design

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Capability of Large Glass Wall Tent

Public Recreation Area

large glass wall tent interior layout 01

Living Room & Bedroom

large glass wall tent interior layout 02

large glass wall tent interior layout 03

large glass wall tent interior layout 04

Why We Recommend the Large Glass Wall Tent For You

★ Beautiful appearance, long service life, and multiple uses.

★ Be Made of aluminum frame structures, together with new thermal insulation and high-strength wall material structures.

★ Built without damaging the environment and causing zero pollution. Tent with eco-friendly materials.

★ Adapt to various weather including rainy days, wind, snow days, etc.

★ Super self-cleaning. Focus on your business or outdoor holiday life, rain and wind will help you complete some of the tent cleaning work.

★ Anti-mosquito and anti-mildew.

★ Fire-resistant PVDF membrane, made with the German DIN 4102 B1, M2 standard.

large glamping tents for salebuild a glamping tent

luxury 2 man tentglamping tent with bathroom

Tent Materials and Characteristics

PVDF roof: tear-resistant, waterproof, fire retardant, anti-mildew, color optional, easy to clean;

Galvanized steel, is not easy to rust, strong and not easy to break, long service life, recyclable.

Tempered hollow glass: high strength, weather-resistant, impact-resistant, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation.

Tent Built-up

The large tents are elaborate, semi-permanent housing units and require expert installation by our experienced rigging crew or a minimum of two professional technicians together with your local rigging crew. It takes an experienced rigging crew of 6 – 8 men between 2 and 10 days to assemble one unit. If you encounter any problems during the tent setup process, you can always consult us and we will help you solve them.

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Custom-made service. The tent size, roof color, and other accessories.

Install on one wooden or other material-make platforms.

Tent maintenance. Easy to maintain, the PVDF roof and glass sidewalls can be cleaned with special cleaning detergent.

Extra upgrade options: Inner lining & curtain, flooring system (water floor heating/electric), air-conditioner, shower system, sewage system.

Generally, 45-60 days is tent-making time, ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

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