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Event Tent Standard PVC Cone-top Tent for Sale

The standard event tent for sale is a normal layout design in event tents everywhere. It is the smallest and removable so as to bring wide attention to a variety of outdoor events, such as trade shows, outdoor exhibitions, commercials, sports events, etc. It is quite popular using combination with different scales of tents.

Product Description

Cone-top tents for sale are sturdy, elegant, modern, with short construction periods and easy to assemble and disassemble. The improvement of the fixing method not only effectively reduces the assembly time of the tent but also makes it more stable. No need for large-scale mechanical assistance, multi-person cooperation can complete the construction of the tent.

Cone-top Tent Specification


m / ft 

Eave Height

m / ft

Ridge Height

m / ft

Main Profile


3*3 / 9.84*9.84

2.5 / 8.2

4.46 / 14.6348*84*3

4*4 / 13.12*13.12

2.5 / 8.2

5.15 / 16.8948*84*3

5*5 / 16.4*16.4

2.5 / 8.25.65 / 18.5448*84*3

6*6 / 19.68*19.68

2.5 / 8.26.1 / 2050*104*3

The small cone-top canopy tents are available in a variety of configurations such as glass walls, glass doors, wood floors, ground anchors and ceiling trims. In addition to being used separately, the aluminum frame tent can also be connected by a gutter to create a larger space. The appearance is also very unique. Therefore, the application of the PVC canopy tent in outdoor activities is also more exciting.

Standard PVC Cone-top Tent Aluminum Framework

Aluminum Structure Frame

☆ Hard extruded aluminum alloy T6061/T6 (15~17HW)

☆ Easy to assemble and disassemble

☆ Few components and less space for storage

☆ Be installed without heavy machinery

☆ Compatible with other accessories

☆ 15-20 years lifespan

Standard PVC Cone-top Tent

PVC Roof Cover

☆ Specification: 650~1100g/m2

☆ Flame Retardant: DIN 4102 B1 M2

☆ Wind Load: 88 km/h

☆ Snow Load: 35 kg/m2

☆ High strength and strong tension

☆ anti-mildew and anti-corrosion

☆ 10-15 years lifespan

Two Sidewall Styles

PVC sidewall or glass sidewall

PVC Cone-top TentGlass Cone-top Tent


Flooring System | Curtain Lining | Weight Plate | Air Conditioning | Rain Gutter

Tent accessoriesTent accessories

The small aluminum structure cone top tent is a very convenient and versatile option for events. It works great as an event tent or as an extension of a larger tent.

Cone-top tents can be used as

√ Temporary medical tent. Each 3x3m or 4x4m small tent can be a checkpoint.

√ Hospitality tent. The 6x6m frame tent is large enough to accommodate two large tables and a dozen people to dine together.

√ Temporary event tents. Provide seating areas for people attending the event, shelter from the sun and rain.

√ Exhibition Tent. Each exhibitor can have his own exhibition area.

√ Compatible with marquee tent or Arcum tent.

PVC Cone-top Exhibition TentStandard Cone-top Event Tent

Cone-top Commercial TentStandard Small Cone-top Tent

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