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Karamay Glamping Park

Apr. 25, 2022

Karamay Wuerhe International RV Camping Park is located in Wuerhe District, Karamay City, a famous oil city in northern Xinjiang.

The total investment of the park is about 350 million yuan, and the land area is about 500,000 square meters. Its main functions are RV supply, camping, and popular science education. There are 298 camps in the park, with a total of 1072 beds. Including 240 cabin camps, 18 boutique RV camps, 20 tent camps, 10 container camps, and 2 container complexes.

At the same time, there are 4 characteristic log house restaurants, and 7 service rooms such as linen and storage, public toilets, etc., all of which use wooden structures that are in harmony with nature and are distributed in the camping park. With the value concept of "exploration, challenge, discovery, and experience", we have set up a variety of experience projects in and around the park. About 2 kilometers long all-terrain vehicle off-road track extends to the surrounding rich tourist attractions, allowing explorers to feel the extreme experience of outdoor off-road. An outdoor unpowered park, including pirate ships, swings, combination expansions, crawl facilities, wooden expansions, and other entertainment facilities, provides a wealth of options for family travel and team building activities. In order to meet the high-altitude viewing of the campsite and strengthen the interaction with other scenic spots, the park has built a helipad with a long-term perspective.

In addition, the campground also has attractions with a sense of experiences, such as a double-sided theater, a bonfire square, a cute pet park, and a net red wire-pulled bridge, providing more recreational activities.





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