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Safari Lodge Tent – AIFE

The AIFE tent is an option tent for you to prepare for a glamping experience in the mountain or the jungle. The safari lodge tent is connected to the surrounding environment in all directions, and the open living experience can make people more immersed in nature, feel the wind of the mountain, and listen to the birds in the forest.

Product Description

Safari Lodge Tent – AMAN

Safari Lodge Tent – AMAN


Size: 5m*5m

Indoor Area: 25 sqm

Fit: 2 people


Galvanized Steel Frame

Double roof, 1050G PVDF + 650G PVC with insulation cotton inside

Canvas wall with gauze

Steel-wood hybrid structure platform

Safari Lodge Tent – AMAN

Decoration Reference

Basic: toilet partition, waterproof, water and electricity system (strong electricity, weak electricity, water supply, drainage), switch panel and socket;

Furniture: queen bed, mattress, bedside table, coat rack, leisure table, leisure chair;

Bathroom: customized integrated bathroom, bathroom cabinet set;

Ground: luxury solid wood floor, anti-skid and moisture-proof stone-plastic board in bathroom

Electrical: ceiling light, air conditioner, desk lamp, mirror headlight, hair dryer, kettle;

Safari Lodge Tent – AMAN

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