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Bodhi Wild Luxury Tented Camp

May. 31, 2024

Wuliangshan Bodhi Wild Luxury Tented Camp is located in Wuliangshan National Nature Reserve, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, about 150 kilometers away from the ancient city of Dali. It is an important node of the Yunnan-Tibet Tea Horse Road. The camp integrates luxury and nature, with complete facilities and an exquisite layout, providing an excellent accommodation experience. Breakfast is a single-meal system, exquisite and delicious.

Wuliangshan Bodhi Wild Luxury Tented Camp has various types of tent rooms to meet the needs of different tourists. There are guest forest scenery tent rooms, stylish and cool starry sky galaxy rooms, forest parent-child family cabins, supporting nanny vacation rooms, and cliff sunset restaurants, among which the starry sky galaxy room is one of the most popular room types. This room type adopts a transparent dome design, allowing tourists to lie in bed at night to enjoy the vast starry sky. The surrounding environment of the camp is beautiful and the air is fresh. Tourists can visit attractions such as Sakura Valley Tea Garden and Lingbao Mountain, and enjoy comfortable accommodation even in winter.

glamping resort in mountain 01

glamping resort in mountain 02

glamping resort in mountain 03

glamping tent bedroom 01

glamping tent bedroom 02

glamping glass dome 01

glass dome tent

glass dome tent interior

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