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Pastoral Clouds: A Modern Nomadic Retreat in Zhaosu Wetland Park

Jun. 24, 2024

The campsite is located within the Zhaosu County Wetland Park, at approximately 1800 meters. The campsite features numerous glamping cabin tents, some operating year-round, while others are seasonal, catering to tourists seeking personalized travel experiences such as self-driving and camping.

Themed around "Pastoral Clouds," it aims to create a grassland camping town that integrates cultural experiences, family entertainment, ecological vacations, folk leisure, and mountain sports. The entire campsite is constructed using high-end building materials and wood products. Outdoor facilities include an open-air living room, a sofa lounge area, and a meditation zone. Surrounding the campsite is an endless expanse of ecological grassland, while the campsite itself boasts modern, refined, and comfortable decor. Every detail reflects the ancient natural wisdom of nomadic peoples combined with the pursuit of modern comfort. The area is extremely quiet, making it an excellent spot to overlook the wetland park.

glamping cabin tent 01

glamping site

glamping cabin tent 02

glamping cabin tent 03

glamping cabin tent interior 01

glamping cabin tent interior 02

glamping cabin tent bathroom

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