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Luxury Yurt Tent - Hexagonal Glamping Tent

The outdoor hexagonal lodge tent for sale is one livable tent for the glamping resort. The luxury tent is suitable for 2 or 4 people.

Product Description

The hexagonal lodge tent for sale is a standard outdoor lodge tent for glamping resorts and a popular glamping livable tent for a personal holiday. Its appearance is more representative of the beauty of its shape. Standing outdoors and watching it at an angle, the three-dimensional building would be mistaken by the eyes to think it was a plane. Just like it and the surrounding beauty merge into a landscape painting, it appears in our vision.

Hexagonal Lodge Tent Dimension

* 3m and 4m side length of the lodge tent are the two specifications that customers buy often.

* We can also customize luxury lodge tents for you, such as 6m side length or longer side length.

3m-side hexagonal lodge tent

Side Length: 3 m

Platform: 7m * 9m

Living Aera: 24 m2

Bathroom:  5.23 m2

Guest: 2 man

4m-side hexagonal lodge tent

Side Length: 4 m

Platform: 9.5m * 11.5m

Living Aera: 42 m2

Bathroom:  5.23 m2

Guest: 4 man

Hexagonal Lodge Tents Interior Layout

Luxury Tent - Hexagonal Glamping Lodge TentLuxury Tent - Hexagonal Glamping Lodge Tent

Luxury Tent - Hexagonal Glamping Lodge TentLuxury Tent - Hexagonal Glamping Lodge Tent

Something Optionals About The Glamping Livable Tent

Octagonal lodge tent is optional.

PVC roof cover is standard and tension membrane roof is the other roof cover you can choose.

Two colors of PVC available, white and khaki. Other colors can be customized.

Types of sidewalls optional. Tempered hollow glass, hard wall, sandwich panel, canvas for PVDF or PVC.

Two Color of Luxury Lodge Tent Roof

Hexagonal Luxury Lodge Tent for Sale

How Do Our Lodge Tents Protect Your Safety?

☆ Hard extruded aluminum for the tent structure framework, more than 20 years of service life.

☆ Can resist nine-level winds. And 35 KG/m2 snow load.

☆ Fire-resistant PVDF membrane, made with the German DIN 4102 B1, M2 standard.

Hexagonal Lodge Tent Framework

Our Hexagonal Lodge Tent Can Make You Reside Comfortably

  • √ Waterproof. Enjoy the rain, you don't worry about it coming into the tent.

  • √ Anti-mosquito. Sleep at night without mosquito interference.

  • √ Anti-mildew. It does not cause mildew even in wet places.

  • √ Super self-cleaning. Focus on your business or outdoor holiday life, rain and wind will help you complete some of the tent cleaning work.


The lodge tent needs to be installed on one wooden or other material-make platform. (Why does the luxury tent need a platform?)

Extra upgrade options: Inner lining & curtain, flooring system (water floor heating/electric), air-conditioner, shower system, sewage system.

45-60 days is tent-making time.

Generally, ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

Buy Hexagonal Lodge Tents for Glamping?


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