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Eco-friendly Glamping Tents for Sale

It is an eco-friendly glamping tent. Innovative design, no need for concrete, suitable for remote areas, such as sunshine Coast, desert, etc. The eco-tent have little effect on the ground, so they can retain natural plants. And we design and make the glamping eco tents, we will also consider the living experience of your customers.

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We encourage you to share your glamping ideas sudden in the brain, beautiful tent pictures found somewhere, or specifications about the glamping tent with us, we discuss together with you to design the glamping tent you want, then we make it into reality.

Eco-friendly Square GlampingTent

Size: 4.2m * 4.2m (main area), 4.2m * 2m (side area)

Total Area: 42.84 sqm = 17.64 sqm + 25.2 sqm

Framework: galvanized steel pipe

Roof Cloth: two layers, shade tent and PVC

Sidewall Cloth: three layers of 500g canvas with insulation

Platform: adjustable galvanized steel platform

Our earth color eco-friendly glamping tent is our new tent. Innovative design, no need for concrete, suitable for remote areas, such as sunshine Coast, desert, etc.  Suitable for your glamping.

The top of the eco glamping tent is covered with a shading net, and the UV blocking rate is 97% so that the tent will not be very hot and stuffy.

The canvas is fire retardant, 100%  waterproof.

Eco-friendly Glamping Tent DesignEco-friendly Glamping Tent Design

Eco-friendly Glamping Tent Interior DesignEco-friendly Glamping Tent Interior Design

Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Stepping off the beaten path, walking away from superficial tourist activities, and embracing an immersive cultural environment. By pushing yourself out of the comfort zones, experiential travelers experience a shift in perspective that improves the way you connect with the world.

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Eco-friendly Glamping Tent for SaleEco-friendly Glamping Tent for Sale

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Custom-made service.

45-60 days is tent-making time.

Generally, ocean shipping time is 30-45 days.

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