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Luxury Glamping Tent (Tension Membrane Roof)

The tension membrane roof glamping tent, a kind of great ornamental and living experience camping tent. Modern architecture popular tension membrane roof, with the luxurious indoor environment, not only let people have a comfortable experience in the wild but also allows them to appreciate the unique scenery brought by the tension membrane tent.

Product Description

The tension membrane glamping tent as a whole with high-strength aluminum alloy as the frame, around the perimeter with tempered hollow glass or PVDF membrane film wrapped. The roof is covered with a tension membrane and supported by extension poles and support structure (mast, arch or other rigid members).

Tension Membrane Tent Framework

Thanks to the plasticity of the tension membrane structure and the adaptability of the structural form, the tension membrane glamping tent is structurally strong and is more expressive in appearance than the tent of the PVC roof glamping tent. The tension membrane surface with sufficient curvature and the unique shape can make the tension membrane obtain greater rigidity and aesthetic effect, and it can bring people a visual enjoyment.

Tension Membrane glamping Tent design drawing

For the tension membrane structure glamping tent, its appearance structure itself is the biggest feature of attracting people's attention. The beauty of its structure lies in the perfect combination of "force" and "beauty" of tension membrane. The unique curved shape of the tension membrane roof gives the tent a strong sense of sculpture. Its modern and simple appearance and natural beauty complement each other, forming a beautiful scenery.

Tension Membrane Glamping Tent

The membrane material used in tension membrane is based on the standard specified by JISA-93 of Japan. The membrane of type A is used, which made of glass fiber material coated with PTFE, or the membrane of type B is used, which made of glass fiber material coated with PVC. The PTFE membrane itself has excellent UV resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy, and anti-fouling self-cleaning properties, which makes the tension membrane roof stable for a long time, and the daily maintenance cost is extremely low. Experiments show that the tensile properties of PTFE membranes after 20 years of use, the mechanical properties and chemical stability indicators only decreased by 20% to 30%. The color is also almost unchanged, and the surface of the membrane is still smooth and elastic.

Tension Membrane Characteristics

★ Seismic Resistance

The tensile structure itself is very light, only 1/5 of the steel structure, 1/40 of the concrete structure, and the solid structure system has strong seismic and horizontal load capacity that makes the glamping hotel tent maintain good stability in an earthquake.

★ Wind Resistance

Self-weight is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure and can withstand hurricanes of 70m per second.

★ Sound Insulation

The wall made up of light steel keel and thermal insulation gypsum board, with sound insulation of up to 60 decibels

★ Environmental Protection

Housing steel structure materials can be 100% recycled, other supporting materials can also be mostly recycled.

★ Energy-saving

heat preservation and good heat insulation effect. It can reach 50% energy-saving standard.

★ Self-cleaning

The surface of the tension membrane is smooth and elastic. The dust and chemical particles in the atmosphere are extremely difficult to adhere and penetrate. The tension membrane can be restored by rainwater to restore its original clean surface and light transmission.

★ Stability

During use, the mechanical properties of the material can be kept constant under snow or wind loads.

★ Long service life and up to 25 years.

The Tension Membrane Glamping Tent Roof & Wall Cloth Material



PTFE membrane 



100% waterproof

PVC membrane

super self-cleaning
Wind Load


(equivalent to a nine-level wind)

super weather-resistant
Snow Load


flame retardant (Germany DIN4102 B1, M2 standard)


Hard extruded aluminum 6061/T6

shading semi-transparent
More than 20 years of service lifeanti-mosquito



Tempered hollow glassanti-mildew
Sandwich panelanti-corrasion
Canvas for PVDF membranevarious color are available

**** Extra upgrade options: Inner lining & curtain, flooring system(water floor heating/electric), air-condition, shower system, sewage system.

**** Custom-made Service

The rooms in the tension membrane roof glamping tent can be equipped with upholstered beds, writing desks, wardrobes and hangers, coffee tables, chairs and simple sofas, bedside tables, bedside lamps, floor lamps, full-length mirrors, luggage racks, air conditioner and other high-end furniture. The rooms have high-quality laminate flooring. The tent can also be equipped with a bathroom, and the bathroom is equipped with a high-end toilet, a dressing table (with a basin, a vanity mirror), a bathtub, a separate shower with a showerhead, a shower curtain and a clothesline. The floor and wall are decorated with luxurious building materials in the bathroom to make the color in the bathroom more elegant and soft.

Multi-Peak Luxury Resort Tent

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