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JingGang Camp

May. 08, 2024

Project Base Information

Total Area: More than 50,0000 sqm

Tent styles: Glass Igoo Dome, Tension Membrane Tent, Cocoon House Tent, Conch Tent, Glass Wall Tent

Tent number: 49 tented accommodations and 10 canvas shelter tents

Location: Zilaiqiao County, Mingguang City, Anhui Province, China.

Terrain: It is mainly plains with the Huaihe River Basin running through it, but there are also some hilly areas distributed among them, forming a variety of landform features.

Climate: The climate type is mainly temperate monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons: hot and humid summers, cold and dry winters, and mild spring and autumn.

Jingang Camp is located in Jianshan Village, Zilaiqiao Town, Mingguang City, 80 kilometers away from Nanjing City and 120 kilometers away from Hefei City.

It has convenient transportation and a superior location. Jingang Camp takes parent-child, leisure, and team building as its market positioning and is committed to building a five-star camp. The total planned area of the project is 3,500 acres, with a total planned investment of 500 million yuan. The first phase of the camp project has a total area of 378 acres and a total investment of 128 million yuan.

The construction content includes four major accommodation areas: wild luxury tent area, RV accommodation area, forest luxury villa area, camping tent area, Chinese restaurant, barbecue base, and agricultural entertainment areas Dining areas such as Daguozao, water-friendly beaches, lake view lawns, fishing ponds, farming experience gardens, children's amusement parks, parent-child handicraft halls and other entertainment areas integrate parent-child interaction, leisure vacations, team building and expansion and other functions.

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