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Vinetree Geladan Tented Resort

Oct. 27, 2020

The glamping hotel is located in the Geladan grassland at an altitude of 3,600 meters. The scenery here is very beautiful and quiet. In order to fit this environment, 95% of the glamping tents at the Geladan Hotel are removable and portable tents. The color of the tent is khaki, natural color, coordinated with the surrounding natural environment. During the planning and construction of the glamping hotel, the original ecological appearance is maintained as much as possible, and the natural environment and the homes of wild animals are not disturbed.

The hotel’s staff are all from the scattered ethnic minority villages in the surrounding area. After long-term training, it not only provides job opportunities but also solves the problem of overgrazing. At the same time, it allows guests to infiltrate the local uniqueness in the hotel. Among the characteristic humanities. Compared with many hotels that do not destroy the surrounding environment as the bottom line, Geladan has achieved "sublimation" in both form and spirit, and fully grasped the essence of "camping". Therefore, tourists who come here must pay special attention to protecting the ecological environment.

The first five-star glamping tent hotel

Lijiang Laojun Mountain National Park is a very peculiar natural place. The Hengduan Mountains plus the natural geographic landscape where the Nu River, Lancang River, and Jinsha River flow side by side without converging. On the Geladan grassland, there is a Geladan tent hotel. This hotel is the first low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green high-end tent resort camp in China and the only high-altitude tent hotel in the world, with an altitude of 3,600 meters. The concept of "camping" here is also quite unique.

Vinetree Geladan Tented Resort

The harmony of nature and humanity

The tent camp is located in a pristine natural place, and you can enjoy the unique scenery outside in the tent. The scenery here is different throughout the year. It is a place where you can grab the stars with your hand. In addition, the humanities here are also unique. For example, there are about 200 households of the Lisu, Gaoshan Yi and Pumi peoples, and they still retain their ancient and mysterious traditional customs, farming methods and animal husbandry habits. Nature and humanities are in harmony here, and you can feel a different Lijiang.

Vinetree Geladan Tented Resort

Full facilities in the Glamping tent

The hotel is small, but the equipment is quite complete. The tent has a spire to prevent snow accumulation in winter; the tent top has four layers of heat preservation and heat insulation materials; the surrounding is full floor-to-ceiling double-layer windows, which can prevent ultraviolet rays; each tent has high wooden stakes, which are wrapped in high efficiency and environmental protection The ecological heat pump and sanitary system in winter can maintain a constant temperature of more than 20 degrees in winter; although there is no bathtub, it adopts an advanced steam shower device, the water temperature can be heated to 50 degrees in 4 seconds, and the toiletries are all It is an organic product imported from the United States.

Vinetree Geladan Tented Resort

Vinetree Geladan Tented Resort

Glamping Hotel Roadbook

Transportation: It is recommended to charter an off-road vehicle from Lijiang Airport, about 5 hours. Or take a non-cross-country vehicle to Laojun Mountain National Geological Park and book the hotel’s ATV transfer to arrive.

Roadbook: Lijiang Airport—Lijiang Airport Expressway—S221—S308—G214—S225—Zhongxing Village—Hotel—Hotel

Recommended Activities

There are a variety of activities available here. For the permanent courses alone, there are wilderness yoga (instructed by a coach back from India), valley meditation, kite flying, painting, photography, astronomy, star watching, etc. All themed activities will be held Ask professionals for guidance. In addition, here you can also customize your own Geladan travel plan according to your physical fitness and needs. For example, there are currently many special hiking routes, ATV all-terrain vehicle adventures, understanding of local minority culture, Scotland Golf, and so on, you can fully experience a completely different way of vacation from the past.

Vinetree Geladan Tented Resort

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