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Best Glamping Tents for Sale for Glamping Business

Glamping is an upgrade of traditional camping, and it is a fusion of beautiful nature and comfortable living. The key to having a memorable glamping experience is the glamping tent.

We have 15 different types of luxury glamping tents for sale. Eco tent, lodge tent, geodesic dome tent, African safari tent, big family glamping tent, cocoon tent and other semi-permanent tent. The price of every glamping tent is different, from cheap to ultra-luxury. 

The main materials of glamping tent are steel tubes, and canvas or PVDF, so they are durable and weather-resistant. Each luxurious tent has its own unique glamping style. Different glam tents can accommodate in different numbers of person, couple, 4 people, or family, all can meet your glamping idea. 

Those glamping tents provides various options for one who want to start a glamping business or project by creating featured glamping sites, whether it is glamping resort, glamping beach front, glamping village, or glamping hotel. 

Most luxury tents for sale are semi-permanent platform tents, which means they need a platform or floor. So installing or dismantling them is not an easy work.

We are committed to enhancing our glamping tent business globally. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our products in your country, we will be very welcome.