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We have a variety of luxury glamping tents for sale, from classic canvas safari-style tents to modern luxury glamping structures. All of those tents are semi-permanent tents and require a platform to place them on. Our tents have large spaces that can offer the comforts of home and are designed for long-term living, perfect for glamping resorts, Airbnbs, glamping sites, or hotels.  If you want to start your glamping business, then these tent units are the perfect choice for you. They can also be used as temporary living houses for several years.

Our glamping tents range in size from 24 square meters to over 200 square meters.  They can accommodate different numbers of people, from couples to families. The main materials used in our glamping tents are steel tubes and canvas or PVDF.  This makes them durable and weatherproof so you can live in them confidently. Our glamping tents are all designed with bathroom areas. You can equip a bathroom with a washbasin, toilet, and shower to meet your daily washing needs. And those tents can be equipped with air conditioning. This maintains a cool inside tent during the hot summer. The air conditioner has a heating function that can be used for heating in winter,  keeping the tent warm when you live.

All of our glamping tents are customizable. No matter the size, appearance, color, or materials used in the tent, every detail can be made according to your ideas. Even if the style of tent you want does not appear in the collection we have listed, as long as you give us the reference drawings and dimensions of the tent, we can make it for you.

The glamping tents range in price from $1,400 to $20,000. These price ranges are estimates. The actual price of a tent may vary depending on the specific materials selected, dimensions, and customizations. Please contact our sales team for exact pricing. We will be happy to answer any questions.

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Why Our Glamping Tents Are the Best

Unwavering Stability: Engineered with structural mechanics in mind, our tents stand strong against harsh winds, ensuring a restful glamping experience.

Year-Round Comfort: From balmy tropics to snowy peaks, our tents are designed for all seasons and all terrains. Enjoy glamping adventures anywhere, anytime.

Durable Design: Crafted with high-quality materials, our tents boast a lifespan exceeding 10 years (tent) and 15 years (frame) with proper care. That means you can live in the tent for a long term.

Transform Your Space: Our tents are more than just a sleeping area. You can create a personalized haven - a yoga studio for morning stretches, a restaurant under the stars, or a luxurious lounge.

Living in Comfort: We prioritize your living feeling. Ventilation, insulation, and natural light are all carefully considered to create a comfortable living environment.

Unwavering Commitment: We have excellent craftsmanship. Every component undergoes rigorous quality control inspections, guaranteeing a flawless product upon arrival.

Reliable After-sales Service: In the rare case of a defect, our comprehensive warranty ensures a free repair or replacement. Relax and enjoy your glamping adventure, knowing we've got you covered.


At TENTSXPERT, we're more than just a glamping tent manufacturer - we're your glamping partner. We boast a rich portfolio of successful glamping projects worldwide, and our dedication to innovation is unwavering. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of the glamping industry, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. We're actively seeking enthusiastic dealers to expand our global reach. If you're interested in representing our premium glamping tents in your region,  contact us today to learn more about this rewarding opportunity.

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